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How to Find the Motivation to Pursue Your Fitness Goals

May 4, 2013

Although you started on your fitness program with much enthusiasm, you find your motivation waning after a couple of months. This is very common so there’s no need for you to write yourself off as a failure. Most people abandon their exercise program because they can’t sustain their motivation. The only way you can reap the benefits of exercise is by doing it regularly. Motivation is key to this. So let’s explore some of the most effective methods that will ensure you stay motivated to keep working out.

If you’re just getting started with exercise, your enthusiasm may motivate you to try to do more than your body can handle in the beginning. Maintaining your motivation for exercise means understanding that things will be more difficult, and the necessity to proceed more slowly in the beginning. It will take your body some time to adjust to exercise to the point that you feel good after your workouts. Start off gradually, so your body and muscle groups can get accustomed to the increased activity. You may not completely avoid some soreness, but minimal soreness shouldn’t be an issue for you. Begin and end exercise using proper techniques to prepare your muscles for activity level changes. There is no need to rush toward goals you’ll eventually reach anyway.

Some people think that they’ll end up spending a lot of money if they pursue their fitness goals. A gym membership or workout equipment isn’t exactly inexpensive. Also, you might feel that you’re not ready for a commitment such as joining a gym or buying expensive equipment. If this is the case, start out by doing exercises that you can do at home without any equipment. There are many books and videos that have exercises you can do at home without the need for any equipment. But know that with just a small investment, you can get yourself portable and lightweight equipment such as exercise balls, resistance bands, and jump ropes. Working out regularly need not be expensive, as there are many inexpensive alternatives out there that you can buy.

Gain motivation to exercise by seeing what others are achieving. If you’re trying to lose weight, find stories of celebrities or others who have successfully lost a lot of weight. If you enjoy sports there should be plenty of athletes with workout routines you can read about. Stories abound about their fitness routines. You don’t have to do exactly the same exercises that these athletes do. Exercise at a level that is appropriate for your current fitness level. Don’t let your limitations keep you from being inspired by what may be possible some day. If you want to achieve your fitness goal, you need to remain strongly motivated. You will have days when you don’t want to exercise, but you need to make the effort. While it’s a common issue, there are many possible sources of motivation, some of which we’ve described here. Motivation won’t be much of a problem once you decide to make your health and fitness a top life priority.

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