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Rules To Follow For Beginners Bodybuilding!

June 11, 2013

By Darrel Mitchell

Basic weight training rules that you should follow if you’re a beginner in weight lifting. Follow these rules and you will see a different in your workouts.

Warm Up Your Body

Professional athletes do this and so should you, warm up your body before any workout. When you warn up your muscles before a workout they are more effective than working out with cold muscles, it also helps to prevent injuries. Going for a walk or do some light stretching is not enough to warm up your body. You will need to start a good sweat working and have your heart beating faster, 5 to 10 min of any aerobic exercise will be good. This will make sure that you have warmed up your body and can begin your workout.

Do A Full Body Workout

Beginners do not need to do a split routine, professional body builders usually workout with a split routine. A split routine is when you focus on a specific muscle group for that day. For beginners you should focus on the total body workout, however you can split your routine into upper and lower muscle groups. Split routine will take more time to complete than a full body workout. So if you are short on time, then your best option is the full body workouts.

Your Legs Need Training To

To develop the lower body, you should try dead lifts, squats, or lunges. You should put in the same amount of time in your lower muscle groups as you put in your upper body muscle groups. Some body builders will not do this, because they think that the lower body is not as flashy as having bigger arms or chest. A well-defined bodybuilder has great lower and upper body development, they believe that having great legs is just as important as having a great upper body.

Do More Rest Less

Go to a gym and you may see some guys talking or watching TV between their sets. They will waste 5 min of their workout socializing. Socializing is fine, but not while you’re working out, be focused on your goals and spend less time between sets. You will also burn more fat when you do more work in less time.

Focus Is Your Key

Working out takes a lot of physical energy, however it takes more mental energy. Focus on your workout program, not only will it help to prevent injuries it will also help you to grow muscles faster. Building muscles is hard work and don’t make it harder by thinking about other thing than weight lifting. Leave your phone off and put those worries to the back of your mind. Only concentrate on your workout program.

No More Excuses

Don’t let excuses get in your way of transforming your body. One of the most popular excuses is I can’t grow any new muscles. The reason these body builders can’t grow new muscle they are not changing their routine every 3 to 4 weeks. To grow new muscles you need to put stress on them and if you do the same routine with the same weight over and over, this is not putting enough stress to grow new muscles. So, make changes to your routine, change the number of sets and reps along with the tempo for each exercise. Then you will see results.

Take Advice From An Expert

Professional body builders will seek advice from weight training coaches. These coaches have advice on how to improve on your performance by tweaking your workout program or introduce you to a new routine. These coaches know about weight training because they have been around for years and are a certified trainer. If the place where you work out has trainers available for you, consider seeking them out and get advice on how you can improve your workouts. Most of the time these trainers will cost you some extra cash for their time. If you don’t have the money, you may want to search out on the internet for some weight training programs that will cheaper.

Enjoy Working Out

Weight training is difficult and takes dedication and it can also be fun. When you look forward to working out, you will notice that your strength will increase, you gain more muscles, you will lose more body fat, and you will increase your endurance. All these positive aspects of weight lifting should excite you and drive you to continually to work out hard.

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