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Alternatives For Female Hair Loss

June 20, 2013

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There are as many different ways to treat women’s hair loss as there are women who are going through it. Tons of women think there are no options. This is definitely false! The methods of treating and dealing with women’s hair loss range from medication to acceptance. The do anything, from shaving their head to wearing a wig. The kind of individual you are is of not matter, because you’ll come across a method for tending to your thinning hair that will work for you and the people involved in your life. In this article we talk about some of the more popular methods for treating and dealing with hair loss if you are a woman.

Have you tried to switch up your diet? If you can conceive the notion, occasionally what you do and do not eat can be a major factor in your hair growth and loss. If you see that your hair is beginning to thin, ask your doctor if they can do a physical and detect if you may be lacking in some important vitamins or minerals in your diet.

Do your best to eat healthy foods that are rich in protein and iron. Indeed, you want to eliminate fatty food and some carbohydrates. Nevertheless, if you work real hard and be sure to maintain a balanced diet, you might be able to reduce the effects of your hair loss! Spinolactone, though not FDA approved, is another hair loss treatment that many people are trying. This is a drug that’s taken orally. You may know it by its brand name, which is Aldactone. Technically, this drug is a potassium sparing diuretic. What this actually means is that it functions as a water pill. It is designed to reduce your body’s fluid levels while ensuring that you don’t lose much needed potassium. Androgens are enzymes and hormones that prevent your hair from growing, and this drug inhibits these in your body. If the drug works as intended, the androgens are no longer recognized by your body, so your normal hair growth resumes.

While men are limited to the types of toupees that are available to help them cover up their hair loss, women have virtually an unlimited supply of wigs. Hair loss for women is easy to conceal. Women are better able to get away with wearing wigs than men are. Women definately have the upper hand here. Wigs were created with the moderm woman in mind. This fact helps us see why wigs look more natural than toupees and are typically more comfortable on the scalp as well. There are many ways that women react to hair loss. Some women don’t get upset by it, and are satisfied with the hair they still have. Others fight hard against even the tiniest bit of thinning. You will know which approach is right for you. You should definitely consult a doctor, though, before you do anything extreme. Your doctor can first explain why you are having this problem, and then recommend some possible treatments.

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