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Man Boobs Procedures Without Surgical Procedures

August 7, 2013

By Amy Smith

Gynecomastia is a swelling of the chest tissues in males that produces a feminine-type appearance in the chest area. For a lot of men of all ages, the appearance of Gynecomastia is without a doubt shameful and definitely will result in very low self esteem and also other feeling of inadequacy. Gynecomastia, also known as man-boobs, can be described as condition that could be non permanent or long term depending on the trigger.

Categories of Gynecomastia

There are actually four classifications associated with male breasts that happens to be graded regarding their size. Coming from class one that is a minor enlargement of the breast area tissues which causes simply no skin excess to class four which is a noticeable enhancement which usually does cause an excess of skin to form, these kinds of categories assist figure out the kinds of treatment options needed to reverse the negative effects of Gynecomastia.

Treatment procedures

There are a selection of treatment options for Gynecomastia that begin from figuring out the main cause for the condition. When the cause has been found, the therapy can vary from rebuilding the required balance of estrogen levels which result in the breast area tissues downsizing to surgery to have the cells got rid off totally. The sheer numbers of men who have chose to have surgical treatment to remove the breast cells has been going up these days due to the procedures becoming a lot more accessible.

On the other hand, there are also very simple, natural options readily available as well to fight the outcomes of Gynecomastia. Adult males who are thinking about considering treatment options outside of surgical treatment, the first step should be to their own doctors in order to make sure that their problem is not a response to a invisible healthcare issue that really needs instant treatment.

The treatment options meant for Gynecomastia range between medications to surgery according to the cause of the condition. While surgical procedure is an everlasting solution that eliminates the breast area cells which often removes the root of the problem, surgical treatments might possibly be very painful, scarring and costly. Nearly all insurance agencies will not pay for surgery for cases of Gynecomastia except if they include cancer or another life-threatening things.

Luckily, there are a number of non-surgical remedies for Gynecomastia that can be quite effective for the majority of men. Still, before these kinds of treatments can start the primary cause of the Gynecomastia should be uncovered or else the treatment options will only be short-term at best. Whilst a good number of cases involving Gynecomastia result from an disproportion of hormone production that allows for the rise of estrogen within the body that creates Gynecomastia, the cause of the rise in estrogen must be sorted out initially if it is possible. However, in nearly 25% of the instances there is absolutely no real cause found for Gynecomastia. Even now, Gynecomastia is generally effectively treated without the need of surgery. Here are some of the non-surgical treatments which are used to turn back the results of this condition.

Cut Down on Alcohol and also other Estrogen-boosting elements

Basically, by staying away from products that will help boost levels of estrogen, you allow the body to burn away the unwanted fat cells in the breasts more naturally. Additionally, it cuts off the source or cause of the Gynecomastia in some instances.


This is among the most well-known methods of managing Gynecomastia. By working the chest muscles groups that are located just over and beneath the breast cells, the muscles themselves can help melt off the unwanted fat away by utilizing the energy that’s kept. There are a number of activities, specially those desinged to use weight loads or resistance workouts that can build-up the pectorals.


Another very simple, all-natural treatment method for Gynecomastia is to reduce the caloric intake and create the conditions for the entire body to burn away the unwanted weight by natural means. Having said that, breast area tissue unwanted fat could be somewhat more tenacious in comparison with fat on the stomach or legs depending on the individual. It’s entirely possible that Gynecomastia will still exist even if the weight levels drop to normal.

Health supplements

You’ll find a range of organic supplements that help melt off the fat cells found in the breast area cells. The majority of of these products can be taken by mouth or are in the form of topical creams that can be easily put on the affected place. These supplements have the benefit of turning out to be free from danger, affordable and also effective in lessening the fat cells in the chest cells. When applied or consumed as advised, nutritional supplements offer a powerful way of taking away unwanted fat in the breasts area.

There are safe, very effective ways of addressing the problems of Gynecomastia and never having to turn to surgical operations.

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