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Shed Extra Pounds With Appetite Controlling Healthy Foods

September 2, 2013

Sometimes difficult to carry out, the theory behind losing weight is rather simple– burn more calories than you take in. To lose one pound a week, for example, you must eat 500 calories less per day than you are currently eating.

The fact is that your bodies usually do not actually need too much calories in order to survive. Scientists have discovered that the human body can go two to three weeks without food before it dies. Exactly what makes fat loss hard, however, is the reason that our bodies will fool us straight into supposing that we’re hungry, although we are having around a lot of extra excess fat which could be metabolized into energy.

Do not get me wrong — urge for food does serve a reason. In an ideal-weight woman or man, being hungry is the signal to take in way more extra calories, as they definitely will very shortly be needed to continue essential life functions. An overweight human being doesn’t always would need these calories, though, and the urge for food only tricks us in to thinking that we do.

Certain foods we eat can actually suppress the appetite, make us feel fuller longer and, as a result, cause us to eat less.

Shed Weight by consuming Appetite Curbing Foods

As a general rule, foods high in fiber will make you feel fuller longer because their bulkiness will stretch the stomach and trigger the body’s appetite suppression system. Nuts and seeks, like pine nuts and flax seeds, also trick the body into thinking we are fuller than we really are.

Not necessarily a “food”, simply drinking a full glass of water prior to a meal will suppress the appetite, take up room and result in a lower caloric intake. This is also true for green tea leaf extract, due to the fact that it activates the release of a hormone responsible for suppressing of your appetite and is thought to as well enhance metabolism.

And also, last but not least, people with a sweet tooth will be happy to learn that dark chocolate is actually a wight lost aid as the bitterness works as a natural appetite suppressant.

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