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The Benefits Of Krill Oil: Why You Ought To Take This Oil

January 5, 2014

For people who desire to boost their health and wellness, krill oil seems to be on the list of top choices in health products. This has generated a discussion around the true benefits of krill oil, particularly when compared to fish oil. The answer to this question would be, enhanced wellness as well as improved cognitive function.

What on earth is Krill Oil? This oil is obtained from a small shrimp-like sea creature known as Krill. As Krill harvesting is regulated, it is sustainable and yields a higher quality product compared with its alternatives. Krill oil is rich in two essential fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) than DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). This type of omega-3 oil is more easily absorbed by the body than fish oil. Now look at the benefits of using this type of oil.

Due to the DHA content, one benefit of the oil is potentially enhanced brain function. Our brain contains a large amount of DHA. Although krilll has lower DHA content compared with fish oil, krill oil is typically better absorbed and therefore makes up for that.

Other potential health rewards of krill oil include reduction of unhealthy cholesterol, and reduced risk of heart related illnesses and cancer risk. One benefit that krill oil provides more in comparison to the other omega-3 supplements is astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant may help defend you from free radicals. Not only does this help fight cancer, but may also help to improve strength and endurance.

In other words, krill oil delivers users similar benefits as fish oil. The difference is that Krill oil may be more potent than other sources of omega-3 Fatty Acids. You will need to swallow fewer krill oil pills than fish oil pills to obtain the same benefits.

Many people would prefer to take fewer pills, even with supplements. Moreover, many people say fish oil smells and tastes awful. Users report less fishy burps as well as heartburn from krill oil than fish oil. Naturally, the quality of the supplement also plays a part in both cases.

One disadvantage to Krill oil is that it is fairly costly. Having said that, it is not a good idea to pick the least expensive products as you may not get effective concentrations of the helpful compounds. Many users point out that while the initial cost of the oil may be high, it is really good value for your money. The reason being users need fewer pills compared to what they would if they were taking fish oil.

A panacea, krill oil is not. It still may take some time to start experiencing the positive effects. Many health experts recommend taking any supplement for a minimum of two months to determine if it is really worthwhile.

David Kamau is a natural health and fitness advocate and chief editor of site. For more on the most effective krill oil supplements, check this now.

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