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Melatonin’s Advantages

April 5, 2014

I am the judgment broker, and I like to write about all subjects. Most folks have heard about the supplement Melatonin; yet few know the full benefits and how to use Melatonin correctly. For most folks, the right time to take Melatonin is approximately three to four hours prior to trying to sleep. For the majority of folks, using it right before you go to sleep does not work.

Because Melatonin is automatically created inside our bodies naturally, and can be found in some common foods, it’s (for most folks) a lot safer than any other kind of sleep-inducing pill. Melatonin is also made by both everyone’s “guts” (gastrointestinal (GI) tract) and pineal glands. For me, Melatonin to be the only sleeping pill I need. Certain foods contain melatonin; including red tart cherries, wine, bananas, tomatoes, and ginger.

Melatonin is very often the most useful for older folks, because our bodies make a bunch of it when we are young and most of us usually make less Melatonin as we age. Generally, the older one is, the more you will get good results with Melatonin.

In addition to helping you get to sleep, Melatonin may be good for your stomach, and might help some people with stomach-related problems such as GERD (acid reflux disease), and some other stomach-related issues, including some kinds of harmful bacteria infections.

Some ulcers are caused by a bacteria called H.pylori, and using melatonin may help eliminate that bacteria. The major action of Melatonin seems to occur indirectly, via our brain-gut axis. Some studies have shown that melatonin can prevent colitis, ulcers, irritable bowel disease, and even colon cancer.

Even though Melatonin might help your stomach, the majority of folks should use Melatonin to sleep well. Try it early in the night rather than some other sleep inducing pill(s).

Although certain folks benefit from it from as little as 0.3 milligrams of Melatonin; the majority of people find that 3-6 milligrams works best. Certain melatonin products are designed to be dissolved under your tongue, and some come in the form of a liquid. Certain sellers add in other vitamins and compounds with their melatonin products; which might increase the odds to sleep well. Ironically, taking too much Melatonin may cause insomnia. Moderation in all things is usually the best policy. Too much might make you groggy the next day. Be sure to ask your doctor if you are taking any other medications.

In addition to Melatonin, for the best chance for sleep is to try to eliminate all lights from your bedroom and sleep in total darkness and avoid stress. Note that lamps that shine a yellow light, like Himalayan salt lamps, don’t appear to interfere with sleep. I keep a compact lamp handy, if I need to visit the bathroom during the evening.

Melatonin may also fight cancer and help folks boost their immune systems. If one takes Melatonin when the sun sets, you will most likely appreciate its ability to relax you and then help you sleep.

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